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I worked in the culinary arts industry as a chef for 25 years and then in 1998, I began studying massage therapy as a way to help others through their healing. In 2000, I ended my career as a chef to fully dedicate myself to the Healing Arts and have been a Licensed Massage Therapist ever since. Today, as I am slowing down my massage work, I feel the calling to share my artwork and explore it in a much deeper way with photography.

I have always enjoyed photography and years ago decided to share my gifts and artwork at my office for my clients to see. I was surprised to learn that this inspired many of them to do the same in their lives. Each day of my life, I discover that I have many more gifts to share than I thought I did. My office is a healing place where my photography, artwork, murals, and decorations remind myself and others that you don’t have to be born an artist in order to bring creativity into your life. I love to photograph nature but also like the challenge of shooting architecture, portrait, macro photography and other media. 

We live in a world where everyone now can take photos right out of their phones and we are bombarded with images and videos every time we open our social media. Professional photography is still very respected, but you have to offer a unique approach to this wonderful art for your work to be noticed. I hope that through my love of life and purpose to share each day the beauty of our world, you will also get inspired and find your own creative journey.


Why is my business named Five Elements Photography?

Line, shape, form, texture, pattern, and color are all elements of the composition of a photograph and are called the five elements  in photography. Interestingly, there are also five elements in Chinese medicine: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. 

I have worked in the healing arts for the last 22 years and am a professional Massage Therapist. Through my study of the healing arts I have been very inspired by the eastern approach to healing and particularly The Five Elements philosophy in Chinese medicine. I hope you will understand more about this approach to my work as you explore the Five Elements pages and galleries throughout my website.

I have found a similarity between the five elements in photography and the eastern five elements approach of healing and I explore this philosophy as I share my images or when photographing families or individual portraits. For example, I am a Fire element and am passionate, creative, love nature, colors, etc., and a portrait of me in a formal studio is not what would capture my essence. My hope is that as you scroll through my website, you will begin to see how the five elements play out in my work.


• Portraits

• Parents and children

• Events

Portraits: Indoor or outdoor. Individuals and families. I like to keep a natural feel through my work. I like to capture your essence and emotions and not over process my photographs for a more natural feel.

Parents and children: I like to photograph parents and children interacting in a playground or other outdoor events. I love to capture actions and expressions in the moment.

Events: I like to photograph small events like birthday parties, anniversaries, and small weddings. 

My photographs on this website are all for sale. Currently, I only have pricing for digital images, but please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a metal or other media print and we can discuss the various options and sizes available to meet your needs.

I can be reached via email at: dlacroix1990@gmail.com or by phone at: 314-313-6013

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